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The ABCs of Airplanes
By Kelly Von Keller

This 8" x 8" hardcover, full-colour ABCs book tells the reader all about airplanes through a bold and bright journey of the alphabet! Join Captain Mama Bird as she flies through each page inspiring curiosity, learning, and wonder along the way.

This fun ABC book grows with your reader! Enjoy THREE levels of learning on every colourful page. Level 1 is big and bold for our newest little pilots! Level 2 summarizes the basics for our aspiring aviators, and Level 3 offers the "Curiosity Cloud" for our frequent fliers, who are keen to learn more!

For the more advanced reader, this A-to-Z journey finishes with a short Q&A review and an introduction to the Phonetic Alphabet, which is the standard alphabet used by all aviators around the world! Learn two alphabets in one with this inspiring ABC book!




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Written and printed in Canada.



Author: Kelly Davina Jamieson
Reading Age: 4-7
Language: English
Print Length: 36 pages
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Format: Hardcover
Category: Alphabet book
Description: Colour
Publication Date: September 2022
ISBN 978-1-7387133-1-8
Distribution by: Root & Sky Supply Co.